Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is that icon ChocAdelaide is using?

A. The icon and logo for ChocAdelaide is an image of statue called "Light's Vision" which stands on Montefiore Hill overlooking Adelaide.  Colonel William Light was the Surveyor-General and designed the layout of the city.  For the purposes of this website the statue has been rendered in chocolate.

Q. Why do the compasses move about so much?

A. The direction is determined by the GPS and the magnetic field that is used by conventional compasses.  This magnetic field varies depending on the interference from other devices and the tilt and motion of the device. For best results keep the device flat and still.  If the motion is unhelpful then you can fix the main compass to point to the "up" position rather than point north.  You will then need to point the device north manually to get the direction to your locations.

Q. The compasses do not seem to pointing in the right direction.

A. If you have fixed your location then all directions and distances are relative to that location.  So you have to imagine you are in the fixed location.  The direction you see is the direction from that fixed location to destination location.  If you want to see the direction from you current location to the destination location then either unfix the location or fix to your current location.

Q. How do I fix my compass to always point "up" on my device?

A.  In most cases just select the overflow menu "settings" option and then select "Fix Compass".  The main compass at the top of the device will now point "up" all the time.  If you are using a large device in landscape view the list of locations may not be active so you may have to refresh the screen by choosing the overflow menu "refresh" option.

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